Conventional business practices are out of balance and we need to address this imbalance now!

Do you want to look at a totally different way of looking at creating business? A new style of leadership that creates a greater difference and generates more possibilities in businesses of all sizes, in people’s lives and on the planet? This is the promise that Benevolent Capitalism offers.

Business Today Needs A New Paradigm…

“Benevolent” comes from ancient latin “bene”- to be well, and “volent”- to wish, and actually means “to wish well”. “Capitalism” originally meant organic growth of existing wealth, which could be money, resources, people, or the original derivation of the word “capita” meaning head, usually of cattle or other livestock.

Benevolent Capitalism is about creating organic growth whilst at the same time wishing all well. It is about being with the world in a different way, with finances, with business, and with your life.

It is a fresh perspective about creating and generating that will provide you with insights, experiences and tools that have the power to transform your business and life.

Throughout history Benevolent Capitalists have been not only phenomenal business people, but also people like Leonardo Da Vinci.

They are the people who choose to create different possibilities, and that is a reality that we all very much have available to us today too, if we choose it.

“Benevolent capitalism is an individual choice”

Steven Bowman

“Leadership is not a title, it’s something that you choose to be and become in every situation of your life”

Gary Douglas